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locationAmsterdam [NL]
statusconcept | realization
clientAmsterdam Museum

A request from the Amsterdam Museum collection centre to document the felling of five trees, and the processing of their timber into a ten-metre-long bench, prompted this three-part study. In part one, the Poplars were pictured in their original setting. Orange dots on the barks indicated that their fate was sealed. A two-metre-tall black backdrop defined the length of wood used in the bench. In part two, the surroundings disappeared, and the section of trunk was depicted against the backdrop, echoing the night-time settings of historical paintings. Even though all the trees are of similar age, grew in the same area and belong to the same genus, each is unique in appearance. Its trunk thickness, angle of growth, roughness of bark, amount of ivy coverage and so on set it apart from all others. These are the worn and weathered faces of organisms that have led very different lives. In the third and final phase, the portraits were printed at scale one-to-one and held up — by the depot staff — to form one composite image, ensuring that the trees live on not only in a bench but also in representations that preserve their memory.