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locationAmsterdam [NL]
coorporationMarin Lemić [dancer]

Reclaiming a vacant space and putting it to new use presents opportunities. Think of all the activities that could take place, especially if we push aside regulations and restrictions. What matters is the power of the imagination. After all, a room doesn’t always have to be used for the same purpose. We can turn it into anything we want. A classroom like this, for instance, is a place where rules are normally imposed to maintain control, and events are determined by the schedule and the sound of a bell. But how would a dancer interpret and interact with this disused room and its contents? His response is inspired, not by the codes of school, but by the act of dancing. His only limitations are physical, imposed by the body. Objects become sparring partners, to borrow a term from dancing. In the process, the dancer loses his individuality as his actions make him another element of the interior. 

Raus magazine #23