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locationAmsterdam [NL]
statusconcept | realization
coorporationMiaP foundation

How will we feed the growing population? That’s one of the main questions of our time. Do we choose the scale of industrial agriculture with genetically modified crops or just the small-scale organic farming? One of the hardest workers in agriculture is often forgotten in this debate: the bee.
The bee is responsible for about one third of our food. Without pollination there would be a lot less fruit and vegetables as apples, pears, berries, peaches or aspergus. But the situation of the bee is dramatic. Chemical substances that are used in industrial agriculture have weakened her. By monoculture wild bees lose their place to nest.

This project shows what we miss when the bee would no longer be there. Without her, our food would be scarce, less colorful and less flavorful.
Seven still lifes from the Golden Age are chosen, a period with prosperity and abundance. A balanced composition, color, surface distribution and material expression characterize them.
In the re-interpretation of them elements where the bee is responsible for, were removed- with the result of original carefully arranged compositions getting out of balance. This could be seen symbolically for our ecosystem getting out of balance without the bee. It’s not the accessories that the emptiness and impermanence show, but the remained holes in the composition.

Interested in the whole story? - check out:
Treasure of the bee - projectbooklet om issuu.com

2015      Haus der Fotografie,
              Dr. Robert-Gerlich-Museum, Burghausen [DE]
2014      Gallery Lokaal WV15 at Art Fair, ArtinRedlight, A'dam [NL]
2014      Gallery Cloud Art&Coffee, Amsterdam [NL]
2014      Spinnerei, Open Studio Halle 14, Leipzig [DE]
2014      Darmstaedter Tage der Fotografie, Darmstadt [DE]
2013      MiaP Foundation, Loenen a/d Vecht [NL]

The seven new still lifes are exhibited as prints on the wall. The missing fruits, vegetables and flowers are photographed separately and systematically arranged, a reference to the systematic working method of the bee. They are hidden in wooden frames from and in a hive that is part of the exhibition. To see what is missing in the still life, the visitor can pull out a frame from the hive like being a bee-keeper for a moment and feel what there probably won’t be anymore in the future.

Interested in the whole story? - check out:
Treasure of the bee - projectbooklet om issuu.com

All prints are for sale as limited edition of 10 [+2AP]

21x30 cm  [Stillife without peaches/ without black currants]
40x60 cm [Stillife with cheese/ without flowers/ without candle]

Fine art print with UV protection
Aluminum mounting in wooden frame

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