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locationAmsterdam [NL]
statusconcept | design | realization

A standard office floor, built on a grid. A rhythm of structural columns breaks up the space into bays of equal depth and width. Anonymous and neutral, the modern office floor symbolizes the modern age. Space extends horizontally as far as the investment models, zoning laws and standards for daylight penetration allow it.
But what happens when the work disappears and the workers depart for good? What could you possibly do here? Does this space possess any quality that might appeal to some occupant who has yet to step forward? Bizarre but true, the key characteristics of a camp site are all present here: bays for each tent, columns to attach ropes and clothes lines, a service core with sanitary and other service spaces. Low-budget travellers in search of an alternative to the overpriced accommodation on offer in city centres and open to new experiences will find their way here. The urban nomad has found a new resting place.